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Getting Leads for Your Coaching, Consulting, or Solopreneur Business Using LinkedIn

Without Automation or a Heavy Sales Pitch!
Delivered LIVE by a Former Corporate Marketer Turned LinkedIn Coach.

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Common Concerns -- Sound Familiar? 

  • "I've neglected social media,¬†and I know I need to get more active. I just don't know HOW."

  • "I'm getting enough business to pay the bills, but it would be great to get more clients, so I'm not living paycheck-to-paycheck..."

  • "I have a hard time explaining what I do to others."

  • "When it comes to LinkedIn -- I feel like I don't belong! It's daunting. Everyone's more "corporate" and I'm more creative and expressive."

  • "LinkedIn feels like I'm walking into a business conference and I don't know ANYONE, and I'm just a small business. Is this just in my head? Maybe."

  • "I see posts on LinkedIn and I don't know where I fit."

  • "People say they looked me up on LinkedIn, but I'm embarrassed by my profile."

  • "I'm so behind! I see others building thought leadership, but I'm barely posting."


If so, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! And YES -- Your Clients Are On LinkedIn!

Attend This Webinar and



The KEYS ūüĒĎto supercharging your business using¬†LinkedIn as a Coach, Consultant, and/or Solopreneur.



How to Use LinkedIn to find HIGH QUALITY leads for your business -- using the free, basic version of LinkedIn.



What to do (and what NOT to do) when you find new potential connections -- and WHY.



Additional strategies to clearly show you how to fully leverage LinkedIn, in an easy, step-by-step process

"As a Life Coach, learning LinkedIn has been a challenge, but with Brenda's guidance, encouragement and accountability, I am getting better and better! She gave me the confidence and knowledge to promote my business on LinkedIn. I have better profiles (personal and business) and I'm gaining more connections and visibility."

- Pam Tibbs

"She expands the possibilities of using LinkedIn by thoroughly understanding marketing and the platform. Brenda goes beyond how things work and demonstrates how you can use them."


- Christopher G. Johnson

"It's one thing to listen to advice. It's a whole other thing to get a deep-dive, hands-on help from an expert like Brenda. She helped me strategize and polish my LinkedIn profile. Thank you, Brenda. You really know your stuff!"


- Paula Rosecky

This webinar is for YOU:

If you're stumped about how to use LinkedIn the right away to generate more leads for your Coaching, Consulting, or Solopreneur business...


If your business is well established, but you're not finding ANY new clients on LinkedIn -- even though you KNOW they are ON LinkedIn...


If you feel lost when it comes to what to do (and NOT to do) on LinkedIn as it relates to growing your business as a Coach, Consultant, or Solopreneur.

Does This Describe You?

  • "I AM my product. It's just me."

  • "I don't want a cookie cutter approach to LinkedIn. My business is unique."

  • "I'm afraid to show my personality on LinkedIn. I'm quirky and full of energy!"

  • "The majority of my connections aren't the right people for me. They are from my previous industry."

  • "I only go on LinkedIn when I HAVE to. But I know that needs to change."

  • "I'm not sure if it's OK to post the same things on LinkedIn as I post on Facebook / Instagram."

  • "Social media / LinkedIn feels like a CHORE."

  • "I'm not an 'influencer' and don't want to become viral. I just want clients."¬†

A Note From the Instructor...

Hi there! My name is Brenda Meller and I help people to unlock the power of LinkedIn and get a bigger slice of the LinkedIn pie. I'm a former corporate marketer who has expanded my LinkedIn presence to over 66,000 followers and nearly 25,000 connections while growing my business as a Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Author. I believe in the power of using LinkedIn to generate quality leads for businesses of all shapes and sizes. (Follow Me on LinkedIn)

I've been helping people use social media for their business since 2009, and I created this webinar especially for you. The techniques I'm covering will be the SAME LinkedIn social selling techniques I've been using myself over the past decade. 

I've been a heavy LinkedIn user and active on the platform since 2006. I'm delighted to guide you step-by-step in developing your LinkedIn presence. If you're reading this, chances are you're a bit confused and frustrated with getting the most out of LinkedIn. And guess what? You're not alone.¬†I look forward to helping you. ūüėé

"If you are an entrepreneur seeing to enhance your profile, Brenda will work with you to craft a compelling LinkedIn presence that gets noticed. Brenda has a deep knowledge of LinkedIn and is always ready with the best tips to use existing as well as new features of the tool. Her action steps are easy to execute AND they make a huge difference! My profile views have increased dramatically since working with her."

- Diana C. Stephens, PhD, MBA

"Are you spinning your wheels on LinkedIn? Can you use an optimized profile and get more clients or leads? A 1:1 coaching session with Brenda will accomplish the following:
1. Easily change your profile to attract more looks and capture leads.
2. Be seen as the expert you want to be for clients.
3. Make yourself Unique and be an attraction magnet.

- Dr. Brian Grossman

"Brenda has been a TREMENDOUS resource in helping to overhaul my LinkedIn profile, shifting from looking like a resume to one to support my business as a solopreneur.

If you are looking for concise, executable feedback, call Brenda."


- Kris Liebau

Last updated: June 19, 2024