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Have You HUGGED Your Employees Today?

Have you HUGGED your employees today?

Not literally. I don't want to have to call HR in here on you.

What I mean is this: as a manager and as leaders of our departments and of our organizations, we set the tone for our environment. You may be busy. You may be in back-to-back meetings. You may only have five minutes free today when you breeze past your row of employees on return to your desk and barely have time to gulp down a cup of coffee, let alone say "hi" to each member of your team.

However, keep in mind that your employees come in each day, day after day, and they work to support you. They are there for the company. When was the last time you told each employee these two magical words: THANK YOU.

Or even better, "THANK YOU (name), I APPRECIATE YOUR HELP."

This quick acknowledgement can do wonders for employee morale. Think this doesn't apply to you? Consider the recent Gallup study that revealed this:

  • 31.5% of employees consider themselves "engaged"

  • 51% of employees consider themselves "not engaged"

  • 17.5% of employees consider themselves "actively disengaged"

Nearly 70% of employees could use a "HUG" today in the form of a thank you.

One thing I try at work is a daily email sent to one person who I select as my "FAVORITE PERSON OF THE DAY." Maybe it's project related. Maybe they were kind to another employee. Maybe they cancelled a meeting and thus freed up an hour on my schedule.

This image is not trademarked or anything so I encourage you to steal it and use it. Right click, save image as, save on your desktop. Then send to ONE PERSON EACH DAY.

Whether it's a "thank you" or other positive acknowledgement, give it a try today. And everyday.

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Source: http://www.gallup.com/poll/181289/majority-employees-not-engaged-despite-gains-2014.aspx

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