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What You Need to Know About Your New LinkedIn Profile View - April 2018

A quick blog on the changes I've noticed with the new LinkedIn profile view. My profile view changed today. Since I work with executives on making their profile changes, I'm using this blog for my clients. But I always like to extend insights to my network in case it may help you, too. Here's what I've noticed.

  1. Header image looks different in mobile vs. desktop. Keep any text or important images to the right third. The middle third is covered by your photo in the mobile view and the left third is covered by your photo in the desktop view. Also, it appears the size has changed and it's a bit narrower. It's now 1584x396px. I believe it used to be 1536 x 768px. Desktop view of header image:

Mobile view of header image:

ACTION NEEDED: modify your header image if you're showcasing any key images or text. I suggest using Canva to control the image size and location of contents.

  1. Summary statement is extended in the collapsed (default) view. THIS IS HUGE! This means that people viewing your profile will see MORE of your summary before having to click more. Whereas before only 25 - 42 words were shown in your 2-line summary on desktop and 10-12 words on your mobile view. now even more characters display in THREE LINES. Desktop view of summary:

Mobile view of summary:

ACTION NEEDED: review the 3 lines that you can view in both views and consider any changes you may wish to make.

  1. Media in your summary show in your desktop view (up to 6 show) and mobile view (Only the top 2 show). I don't recall media ever showing below your summary. I've always taken full advantage of every area LinkedIn gives me on my profile, so having items here is a BONUS to me as a LinkedIn user. All those who view my profile can now see at least two and up to 6 of these images. I'm a marketer, and I know this can and will differentiate me. Through trial and error, I discovered that if I have 7 items, only 5 display and +2 appears on my desktop view. Desktop view of media under summary:

Mobile view of media under summary:

ACTION NEEDED: review your media in your summary section. Consider adding 6 images, photos, or videos which best showcase your expertise.

  1. Contact info section (DESKTOP ONLY). LinkedIn now shows your current employer, educational institution (you can deselect this from your summary if you wish), and "see contact info" in addition to your number of connections. This gives you increased visibility for your contact info, which was previously on your profile but you had to dig to find it. Desktop view:

ACTION NEEDED: review your contact info. Add up to 3 websites (one of which should be your company website). Choose "other" and give the other sites a description like I've done on my profile.

That's all I've noticed. If I see other changes, I'll add them to this blog, so be sure to bookmark and visit it again.


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