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11 Ways Mompreneurs Can Optimize Their Presence on LinkedIn

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a talk to a group of mompreneurs on how to use LinkedIn. The talk was at Honey: Space for Moms in Ferndale, Michigan, for moms-to-be and moms of wee ones up to age five. Check them out online at www.honeyformoms.com, or connect with founder Brooke Miller on LinkedIn and tell her that Brenda sent you.

Here are my notes for that group.

  1. Be ON LinkedIn. With 562M members in 200 countries and across all industries, LinkedIn is the TOP professional networking site. We all have strong circles of friends on Facebook. LinkedIn can take your mompreneur business to another level.

  2. Personalize EVERY invitation. Even on mobile. Be ON their profile when you connect and look for the 3 dots or “more” and then select “Personalize Invite.” Look at their invite and make the invitation all about them. Don’t tell them about your business. Yet.

  3. Set up your FREE company page on the DESKTOP site. Under the “WORK” icon in the top menu, scroll all the way down to “Create a Company Page.” People don’t like to leave LinkedIn unless they have a compelling reason to do so. Consider your Company Page on LinkedIn to be a mini-version of your website.

  4. Write your summary in the 1st person, and use as many characters of the max 2,000 as you can. Think of LinkedIn like Google. Your goal is to create a profile that comes up in search results. And remember, most people will only see the first 3 lines.

  5. Add a header image to promote your business / brand. Consider this a free highway billboard and use it to promote your business. By default, this is a teal blue image with dots connected by lines. Bleck.

  6. Include a professional headshot photo and make sure your face is 50% of the size of the circle. If you have a profile photo, your invitation is 14-21% more likely to be accepted by others.

  7. Request recommendations from your top clients, then merchandise these testimonials in your marketing materials. If it feels awkward, they are not a top client

  8. Post a status update at least once a week. Daily is even better. And TELL instead of SELL in most of your posts. At events, take a photo and tag the speaker and the organization / host. This will help to extend the reach of your post to their network. Focus on helping your network and sharing tips in your status updates.

  9. Create social media karma on LinkedIn by engaging with your network through their status updates. Do this more than you promote / sell your business. Like, comment (5+ words), and share.

  10. Connect with everyone in your mompreneur group and with me. www.linkedin.com/in/brendameller and then follow my company page for more tips.

  11. Receive an inappropriate invitation? Report them to LinkedIn and block them. Unfortunately, some men think LinkedIn is eHarmony. Sometimes I reference my husband in my response back before I block them. 😊


Let's connect on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brendameller.

Originally posted at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/11-ways-mompreneurs-can-optimize-presence-linkedin-brenda/

Are you a mompreneur or female professional who needs help optimizing your time and effort on LinkedIn? Contact me. I've worked with hundreds of individuals to provide LinkedIn consulting and training, and can help give you a jump start on LinkedIn.

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