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The Coworking Rundown: Coworking Spaces You Should Visit in Metro Detroit

The company I work for, Meller Marketing, helps people and business with marketing and social media—people from all over Metro Detroit. Hosting meetings all over the map can be rewarding and exciting, but comes with a challenge: where can we meet clients at a location that is both convenient and professional?

We tried coffee shops and restaurants—Brenda has probably been to every Panera in Southeast Michigan—but it only takes one crowded coffee shop experience to realize there must be something better out there.

Coworking spaces have been the perfect fit for our needs and the needs of multitudes of workers as remote work continues to grow. These spaces provide everything you like about your office with the flexibility that you find at your home office.

Before working as marketing intern, the concept of a coworking space was completely alien to me. But the more that I visit them the more that I have learned to appreciate the role that they play in the local business ecosystem. They are more than just places to drink free coffee and look busy—they are local businesses that support other local businesses by enabling remote workers to be as productive as possible.

Getting to the bottom of what makes coworking spaces so popular and which one's were right for Meller Marketing has been my longest running assignment. Below is a chart of all the coworking spaces that I know of in Metro Detroit. Each time I visit a new coworking space, I take detailed notes, a few photos, and write a blog post to summarize my experiences. So far we've visited Bamboo Detroit, SpaceLab Detroit, and Byte & Mortar Offices.

I've discovered most of these through research, but many have been suggested to me by people like you.

Add your comment below with your suggested coworking locations.

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