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Three Simple Ways to Increase Your Event Registrations

Let me guess: you're reading this because your event registrations are lagging, right?

You can't figure out why nobody is registering.

It's a great event.

It's a nice venue.

It's an important topic.

But still, here you are.

Here are three simple techniques that you can do TODAY to help increase your future event registrations.

1. A quick (1-minute) video of yourself. People like video. It's a quick and easy way to help deliver your message using a real live human being and create an emotional connection.

In the video, I recommend you cover these items in about one minute:

  • Your name and company

  • The name of the event, date of the event (or mention there are multiple upcoming dates if that's the case), time of the event, and venue

  • Tell people who should attend and why

  • Provide instructions on how to register. It's OK to say "visit the link below" and include the registration link in the post or caption.

  • Invite them to share this video with others

  • And unless this is a serious event, be sure to SMILE -- at least at the beginning and end of the video

A BONUS would be to add in burned-in captions to your video, if you have the ability to do so. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add in captions, check out rev.com which charges just $1 per minute of captioning.

I use rev.com and Camtasia (video editor) to pull together my event promotion videos.

2. Share the video on social media. Tag the organization, venue, and other co-planners or presenters. Share it on all the major social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Use the organization's hashtag as well as any event hashtags.

Make sure the caption includes a link to register.

3. Send out the video to your opt-in email list. Note that I did NOT say send this to everyone in your email contact list. Only send it to people who have expressed interest in learning more about you or your organization. Don't be "that guy" who sends it to anyone and everyone.

For those who are in your opt-in list, you'll reach some people who did not see any of your social media posts. However, you'll also reach people who did see one or more of the posts about the event.

That's OK. Repetition is good. Redundancy is good. We as human beings are inundated with so many messages nowadays that we tend to tune out most of them.

That's it! Apply these three steps and you'll be well on your way to more registrations for your next event.

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