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LinkedIn Rockstars by Follower Growth

Updated: Jul 27

Looking to ROCK on LinkedIn? Do what I do:

Assess your progress on LinkedIn by evaluating your follower growth. Then, track that number over time and compare it to your competitors.

I've been tracking my favorite LinkedIn "rockstars" over the past few years to assess my follower growth compared to their growth.

I created the list for me, and I share the list to help anyone seeking to improve their LinkedIn efforts.

LinkedIn Rockstars - LinkedIn trainer version - July 4, 2020

I found the data from their public LinkedIn profiles. The percentages represent growth in followers from the previous data capture period.

In the beginning, I published this weekly in one list. Now, I've created three lists which are each published once a month.

My goal is to keep this list manageable and providing me with the same value I originally created the list for, and I periodically make adjustments to the list. I always strive for gender balance in the list.

Then, FOLLOW me on LinkedIn and send me a personalized invite. I'll post a status update when I update this chart. https://www.linkedin.com/in/brendameller


  • This list of LinkedIn ROCKSTARS includes people who bring value, engage with their followers, and who are superstars on LinkedIn.

  • The list is ranked by % increase in followers since the last report.

  • I created this list to continually improve my LinkedIn presence by learning from others.

  • I publish this list to boost others as well as create conversations.

  • I started tracking data on 10/31/18.

  • This list is not sponsored or endorsed by LinkedIn or Microsoft.

  • This list is just created for fun and for some friendly conversation.

  • This list features people who specialize in LinkedIn training, coaching, profile rewrites, or other LinkedIn marketing services.

  • I publish two other lists which includes "ROCKSTARS" who do not specialize in LinkedIn and "ROCKSTARS" with 100K+ followers.

  • Light Purple = people in the top 25 by percent follower increase from previous report.

  • Light Blue = people in the top 25 by total follower increase from previous report.

  • Yellow = people in the top 25 by total number of followers.

  • Bright Orange = rank by % increase from 1 year ago. No data? I was not tracking you yet.

  • GRAD = this person has exceeded 100,000 followers and has "graduated" to my 100K+ followers list.

  • I use public LinkedIn data and track the data in Excel.

  • It takes me about an hour to compile and publish the list. This week, I changed format and it took me a few hours. WORTH IT! :)

  • To nominate someone, message me on LinkedIn and include the link to their LinkedIn profile. All nominations are considered.

  • No self-nominations and new nominations must have at least 6,000 followers but less than 100,000 total followers.

  • I have applied for the LinkedIn "newsletter" publishing feature. Waiting to get approved!


1st Saturday Each Month: LinkedIn trainer version

2nd Saturday Each Month: Non-LinkedIn trainer version

3rd Saturday Each Month: 100,000+ version (combined)


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