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Read This if You're Using LinkedIn for a Career Change, but Don’t Want Your Employer to Know

Updated: Feb 21

Thinking about using LinkedIn for your next career change, but don’t want your employer to know?

Here are a few LinkedIn strategy tips for those of you seeking to use in “stealth mode” (so you don't alert your employer).

FIRST: Consider who you really want to stay connected with at your current organization. It may be poor form to disconnect from your boss and coworker. However, your boss might not be active on LinkedIn nor even notice it.

Back in 2008 when I was using LinkedIn to make a job change, I disconnected from the president of my company and my boss. Neither were active on LinkedIn so they probably didn't even notice.

When you disconnect, they don’t get a notification. They just simply no longer see your posts in their homepage feed (unless a lot of people they are connected to are engaging with your posts).

And if they visit your profile, they would see they are now a 2nd level connection.

NEXT: Look at all of your LinkedIn activities as a way to demonstrate that you are a positive brand ambassador for your company. When you step up your LinkedIn activity, it makes you look like you are more (not less) engaged with the company.

You are building brand visibility for your company – and thereby for yourself. (continued in comments)

Second, think about this from the perspective of hiring managers and people who could refer you to new positions.  They see your activity, and the fact that you are a rock star for your company. 

If you’re hiring for your company, would you rather have somebody who is a positive brand ambassador (as can be seen by their current LinkedIn activity), or someone who is neutral or who seems desperate?

I’d rather look at the Rockstar and try to lure them away, because if they are rocking for my competitor, they will rock for me too.

ALSO: Stop throwing off all those red flags. The first thing I notice for someone who is considering a job search is a flurry of new recommendations given to them in a short amount of time.

What I recommend to my clients is you are always giving and requesting recommendations, whether you’re job searching or not.

Hopefully these tips help! What would you add to this list of "stealth" tips?

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