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Social Media Content Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

I am looking to SHARE IDEAS on what we can advise our B2B clients to post on social media during the pandemic, or at least the portion of time we're in now in the US where every person's focus has shifted to COVID-19. I manage social media for a few clients, and I'm advising them to keep posting but be more conscious about the messages and how they might be perceived during these times of heightened sensitivity. I want to make sure they are not "tone deaf" to current events, but I don't want them to stop posting altogether. HERE ARE A FEW IDEAS OF WHAT TO POST: Comment below on what you would add to this list. Or, include links to your posts as examples.

All of the below images link to their posts. Please take a moment to visit, then like and add a comment to their posts. This helps their businesses! ~ Brenda Meller

  • Announcement of company employees working from home to protect their families and communities, but that the team is accessible by phone, email, or video chat to keep business operations on track.

  • Sharing your team members' "home office" photos showing their makeshift workstations (with or without the person in the photo, and without tagging the person if they don't want to reveal whose house it is).

  • Sharing pictures of pets at our home offices while WFH (working from home), especially adorable when they are looking right at the camera, like Riley:

  • Posts that inform your community of how you're helping. If your company is doing anything to contribute to healthcare workers or provide their community with resources that are in demand (breweries making hand sanitizer, etc.), share this as an announcement on social media. These work especially well if you are asking your page followers to help as well.

  • Posts that remind your community to support local business by ordering carryout, buying gift certificates, etc. (especially if the client serves the small business community)

  • Posts that help support those whose work has been reduced or jobs eliminated due to the pandemic (free webinars for job seekers, etc.) when the support is related to that businesses' expertise

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  • Sharing blogs from partners, clients, etc. that offer helpful tips and guidance during the pandemic (how to deal with stress, etc.) - but avoiding any medical advice or political commentary

  • Re-sharing human interest stories or tactful humor that show fellow businesses helping each other or creatively responding to current events (for example: this florist photo on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/B9xaxq4jSXd/ and tagging the original poster.

IN ADDITION, here's the advice on what to NOT do / post:

  • Business as usual, especially given the fact that business is not normal. This might include: day in the life, featured projects, or Throwback Thursdays.

  • Posts that show people gathering around a conference table, in a crowd, etc. or shaking hands, high fiving, or hugging

  • Posts that might be interpreted as opportunistic (gaining or creating business from the pandemic)

  • Stop posting altogether until this is all over. Organizations that keep marketing in down times will recover faster.

  • Sales or promotional messages, especially for non-essential items that might be experiencing a dip in demand during the pandemic

  • Promoting future events. It seems here in Michigan, June seems to be the threshold for considering in-person events again, but this is all subject to change. The only cancellations I have not seen yet are for July and beyond.

Please comment below or share with someone in your network who could use some help with this delicate subject!

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Stay safe everyone! #flattenthecurve

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