Bootcamp with Brenda

Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn for the Experience Rich (age ~50+) to Support a Successful Job Search

In just two months, go from feeling overwhelmed about how to fully leverage LinkedIn to feeling empowered and confident.

If you’re experience rich (age ~50+) and looking for a job, you already know that you need to use LinkedIn.

This course is designed especially for you if you are:

  • Motivated to try new approaches because your current approaches aren't working

  • Sick of the "black hole" of job search, which is soul-sucking and mood-crushing, where you apply to numerous job with little or no responses, and spend hours filling out online applications trying to get through the ATS (applicant tracking system) but you're barely getting any interviews

  • Intrigued about how to use LinkedIn more effectively, but admittedly not sure if you're using it the right way, and don't know who to ask or where to turn

  • Exhausted from spending hours Googling answers to LinkedIn questions, and watching YouTube videos that aren't answering your specific concerns

  • Feeling overwhelmed because you haven't had to look for a job for years (maybe even decades!) and the job search process has changed dramatically

  • Fed up with being unemployed and looking for a job. Maybe it's been MONTHS since you were laid off and you want a different approach and a way to empower yourself for the rest of your career. 

You're in the right place!

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • An Optimized LinkedIn Profile

    You'll have all the important areas filled out with all the right information, leading more hiring managers and recruiters to find you on LinkedIn and understand why YOU would be a great addition to their team! 

  • A Strong, Active LinkedIn Network Full of Strategic Connections

    You'll be empowered with knowledge to make more connections and get more conversations started even before you apply for jobs.

  • An Improved LinkedIn Presence

    People who have never seen you will see you in their homepage feed. Your profile will be viewed more often, and you will be confident about your experiences and your overall profile.

  • Knowledge on How to Use LinkedIn as a Resource

    No longer will you be relying on responses to job postings. You'll gain insights to supplement your current job search process as well as tips to improve your odds for positions that appeal to you. You'll move from feeling disregarded to empowered. 

  • A Powerful Personal Brand Online

    You'll understand what your personal brand is, how it's important to your job search, and how to evolve your LinkedIn presence throughout the career to position your experience-rich background as an asset. 


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"Brenda's knowledge of LinkedIn is wide and deep so from a pure LinkedIn informational level Brenda is a true asset. However, most importantly to me is that Brenda interacts with all levels of people with a sense of humor, empathy, respect, and sincere effort to assist."

- Jeffry Ullman


"I have not only gotten out of my comfort zone, but I have become much more engaged on LinkedIn and I owe that all to her. She will work with you so that you can be on the right path to achieve your goal."

- Gail Robinson


"Whether you are in between successes, a career rich individual struggling with your next career move, or wanting to expand your LinkedIn network, Brenda IS your resource for using LinkedIn to support your job search. Always willing to make introductions, suggest profile edits, and simply offer support, Brenda helps you raise your own roof!"


- Jeni Carino 

What’s Inside "Bootcamp with Brenda


Module 1: 

Personal Branding + Optimizing Your Profile to Support Your Job Search 

Description: In this module, you'll learn the steps to achieve a fully optimized LinkedIn profile, one that will generate more profile views by recruiters and hiring managers as well as keep the right people reading your profile longer.

Lessons include:

  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile: WHY + Pro Tips to Position Yourself in the Best Light
  • Profile Bare Minimum for Job Search + Download
  • Your Headshot Photo
  • Header / Background Image
  • Headline
  • Contact Info
  • About
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • And more!
Module 2:

How to Strategically GROW Your LinkedIn Network for Job Search

Description: In this module, you'll learn how to build your network strategically to find more of the right people on LinkedIn, get more invitations accepted, a technique to screen in invitations from people you don't know, and more.


Lessons include:

  • The Power of LinkedIn: Your Connections
  • How (and Why) Personalized Invitations can improve your job search success
  • Have We Met? Screening In Invitations
  • Invitation Strategies: Avoid Automation (Why), People Who Engage, Ignore (I Don't Know)
  • And more!
Module 3:

Finding a Job on LinkedIn: The Obvious, the Hidden, the Resources

Description: There is more than one way to find jobs on LinkedIn, and there are even ways of using LinkedIn as a resource throughout your job search. In this module, I'll teach you my secrets to getting most out of the "Job" tab, as well as ways of finding jobs across LinkedIn (HINT: they aren't all in the JOBS tab!), and how I recommend you use LinkedIn as a resource for all job search activities.


Lessons include:

  • OBVIOUS: Increasing Your Visibility for Posted Jobs
  • HIDDEN: Finding Jobs on LinkedIn (Not in "Jobs" tab)
  • RESOURCES: Leveraging LinkedIn during Your Job Search
  • And more!
Module 4:

Network Engagement and Posting to Support Your Job Search

Description: Now that you've got an optimized profile, you're growing a powerful LinkedIn network and you're tapping into resources to help support the job search, I'll teach you how to supercharge your visibility through networking engagement and posting. 


Lessons include:

  • The ROI of Spending 15+ Minutes in the Homepage Everyday
  • Posting Basics: How, When, What
  • Ideas for Posts for Job Seekers
  • Finding Opportunities Using Posts
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t wait for you to join "Bootcamp with Brenda"

I created this course especially for people who are experience rich (aka, age ~50+) and who are struggling with LinkedIn effectively for their job search. I've worked with thousands of job seekers like you over the past 10 years, and I'm thrilled to tap into my LinkedIn knowledge and help you. 

Remember: you found this course for a reason. And I'd be honored to help you! 

Keep in mind that this opportunity is risk free. Give it a try and if you're not completely convinced, you can cancel for a 100% refund as long as you show me that you've tried the work. 

Still on the fence? Email me at [email protected] and tell me your questions or concerns. I'm here for you, and I believe in you! 

Brenda Meller