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Meller Marketing

I Help VIPs and Sales Leaders Unlock the Power of LinkedIn. All coaching & training delivered virtually.

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Welcome to
Meller Marketing

I Help People Unlock the Power of LinkedIn
All training now offered virtually.

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LinkedIn Coaching

I will teach you how to optimize your presence and time using LinkedIn, to support personal brand development, lead generation,
or a job search.


Executive Profile Rewrite

Maybe you don't know where to start or how to improve your profile so it matches your executive experience. I specialize in rewriting and optimizing LinkedIn profiles for VIPs and busy executives. All work is done by Brenda Meller.


Virtual Team Training

LinkedIn works best for your company when your ENTIRE TEAM is using it effectively. I've trained THOUSANDS of individuals on best practices and the latest LinkedIn features.



Company Page Strategy

Your company page can be a source of steady leads for your business. I provide company page strategy to take your page from inactive to supercharged.



Webinars & Virtual Events

Attend one of my upcoming webinars. Topics include: LinkedIn LIVE interviews, LinkedIn for Job Search, LinkedIn Strategy for Business Development, Company Page Strategies, and more coming soon!




Enroll in my "How to ROCK Your LinkedIn Company Page" 12-week masterclass for self-paced, on demand step-by-step instruction on LinkedIn strategies. PLUS: monthly group coaching calls with Brenda Meller.


Want to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn? You Need "Social Media Pie."

Unsure on how to get the most of LinkedIn? This book is made just for you. 

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Webinar Playback: LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Webinar session from 12/30/20

Register for upcoming sessions here.

How to Tag People & Companies on LinkedIn

A video including instruction on how and why you should tag people and companies in your LinkedIn posts.

I Promoted Myself to CEO Because I Can

Set a goal. Reach a goal. Reward yourself. A glimpse into the fun and success I'm enjoying as an entrepreneur.

How to Tag People or Companies in a LinkedIn Post

Want to know how to tag people and companies (organizations) in a LinkedIn status update? Watch this video to learn how.

Consider a Career Move in 2022 (and don't want your boss to know)?

Working but looking for a new job? Watch this 30-minute webinar playback. 

How to Post on LinkedIn (aka "Status Update")


What is a LinkedIn post (aka "status update") and how do you post it on LinkedIn? Watch this video and see how. 


Bitmojis, Gifs & More with Jeff Young

A LinkedIn LIVE interview with fellow LinkedIn ROCKSTAR Jeff Young. Namaste.

Happy Zoom-mas

Our family's holiday message video, especially for you! ENJOY!

An Unboxing Video

Buy my book, "Social Media Pie" and I'll ship it to you in one of these awesome pink envelopes. 

How to Create a Custom LinkedIn Header (Banner)

Wondering how to create a custom header image (banner) for your personal LinkedIn profile? Watch this video for instructions.

What is the LinkedIn FEATURED section & How to Access IT?

FEATURED. If you aren't aware of this, it's not on your LinkedIn profile. Watch this video to learn what it is, how to enable it, and how it can help you SELL on LinkedIn.

My New LinkedIn Cover Story Video (29 seconds)

Watch this video to see my latest LinkedIn cover story video. Then, visit this post to learn more.


"We have engaged Brenda on a couple of virtual projects, where the audience ranged from Partner, Senior level to those young on their journey as professionals.

She kept them engaged, enthusiastic and proactive in harnessing the power of LinkedIn."


Sophia Rook-Blackstone

"After struggling to get an executive job search off the ground during COVID, I handed my LinkedIn profile over to Brenda for her to work a little magic. She really got to know who I was as a person, professional and leader and was able to capture that within my profile. Within a month, I was contacted via LinkedIn with numerous, quality opportunities and ultimately landed my next move."

Wendy Zelond

"It's one thing to listen to overall advice. It's a whole other thing to get deep-dive, hands on help from an expert like Brenda.


She helped me strategize and polish! I had one month to work of a few things and then we met for a follow up. It was immensely helpful."


Paula Rosecky

LinkedIn Strategy,  Training, Coaching, and Consulting

I help people and businesses unlock the power of LinkedIn