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Optimize your LinkedIn presence to support personal brand development, lead generation, or a job search.

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Accelerate your company's results by empowering your ENTIRE TEAM virtually or in person. Learn best practices and strategies for the latest LinkedIn features.  

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Enroll in an online, on-demand program with 24/7 access to learn LinkedIn strategies, along with virtual small group coaching.

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"My organization hired Brenda to show its leadership how to increase organizational visibility and to have a greater impact in online recruitment. We learned a lot and had fun doing it. The one-on-one coaching was supportive and helped me make effective changes to how I manage online media both professionally and personally." 

Mary Griffiths Dickson

"Brenda Meller is a breath of fresh air! She is approachable and uses humor to get her point across. I have learned so many great tips from her webinars on how to leverage LinkedIn for both my job search and my consulting business. I highly recommend Brenda's free webinars and paid consulting services."

Eileen Vernor

"It's one thing to listen to overall advice. It's a whole other thing to get deep-dive, hands on help from an expert like Brenda.

She helped me strategize and polish! I had one month to work on a few things and then we met for a follow up. It was immensely helpful." 


Paula Rosecky

Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn with "Social Media Pie."

Unsure how to get the most of LinkedIn and on a tight budget? This book is for you. Paperback, ebook, and audiobook versions available.


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How to Set up an "Away" Message on LinkedIn - ūüĒĎ A Premium Feature

Click to see a demonstration of how to set up your AWAY message if you are a LinkedIn Premium member.

How to Change Your PRIMARY Email on LinkedIn

Wondering How to Change your PRIMARY LinkedIn Email Address? Watch this!

The Importance of Investing in Your Personal Brand

Watch a discussion with Brenda Meller and Liam Darmody on The Importance of Investing in Your Personal Brand

Show Your Board Affiliation

Do you serve on a board? ADD IT TO YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE. This helps to showcase your leadership AND promote the organization you are serving.

Job Seeking?

Watch this video for a variety of career strategy tips, ranging from mindset to LinkedIn tips, to resumes / cover letters, and more.

Wondering About the LinkedIn BELL?

In this video, I explain how to access it, why you should consider using it, and some considerations / limitations of the bell, one of LinkedIn's newest features.

LinkedIn Strategy Tips, Event Notices, and Inspiration

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