A Webinar with Step-by-Step Instruction 

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[REPLAY] Build Your LinkedIn Header

Delivered by Brenda Meller of Meller Marketing

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Struggling with creating your LinkedIn header in Canva and need hands-on instruction? Help has arrived! 

Trying to figure out what to use for your LinkedIn header can feel overwhelming, especially if you're not a graphic designer. This webinar was designed to provide you with basic instruction on how to design your own LinkedIn header using Canva.com, led by a marketer who "gets" LinkedIn. 

Join us as Brenda Meller leads this workshop with step-by-step instructions.

Attend and learn:

  • Marketing basics for your LinkedIn header
  • How to utilize basic LinkedIn header designs in a free Canva account -- using minor modifications to fit your business / career goals
  • How to avoid common mistakes many LinkedIn members are making with their LinkedIn headers
  • Ways LinkedIn members are using their LinkedIn header to showcase their business and their expertise

This will be a hands-on workshop. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you create a FREE Canva.com account prior to attending this webinar. 
 You'll walk away with the knowledge on how to create and download a LinkedIn header using your free Canva.com account, and then how to upload it into your LinkedIn profile.  

Your registration includes:

  1. 30-days access to the 60-minute webinar, "Build Your LinkedIn Header" delivered by Brenda Meller of Meller Marketing, plus 30-minutes of BONUS content!

  2. A 1-page checklist of LinkedIn and Canva tips shared in the webinar


Webinar fee is non-refundable as this includes a playback link and the above resources.


Questions to be addressed on the webinar:

  • How do I create a LinkedIn header using Canva? Is it really free?
  • What size should my LinkedIn header be?
  • How often should I be changing my LinkedIn header?


Questions? Email [email protected]