Considering making a job change in 2024 using LinkedIn? Want to do so quietly so your coworkers, boss(es), and clients don't know?
DO THIS FIRST to help minimize setting off any “red flags” with your activities, and to help you get maximum results.

This checklist was created by a LinkedIn coach who is a former corporate marketer and used the same process to leverage LinkedIn to search for a new job, while working.

If you’re working but looking, you are using LinkedIn in “stealth” mode.

No, it’s not a setting. It’s an approach to increasing your visibility on LinkedIn to increase the chances of being found for your next dream job, while decreasing the chances that your coworkers / bosses / clients connect those activities to a potential job search.

DO THIS FIRST - A Checklist

A checklist for people who are working but looking for a new job using LinkedIn and do not want their coworkers / boss(es) / clients to know.

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Last updated: February 5, 2024