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Meet Brenda Meller

I help solopreneurs, business professionals, and job seekers enjoy a bigger slice of the LinkedIn pie. 

I am an introvert at heart, and I first realized the power of social media when making a career change using LinkedIn at the height of Michigan’s downturn in 2008. I started sharing my knowledge of social media through workshops, webinars, presentations, and via blogs.

In 2017, the universe nudged me forward and my side hustle led to my dream job with the launch of Meller Marketing. In 2019, I set and met a personal stretch goal and rewarded myself with a promotion to Chief Engagement Officer. In 2020, I completed a goal of writing my first book, "Social Media Pie: How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn", now available in paperback, e-book, and in audiobook formats. In 2023, I launched my first podcast, "Enthusiastically Self-Employed." Pretty amazing stuff, wouldn't you agree?

My¬†approach to teaching LinkedIn has always been to present information in a ‚Äújudgement-free‚ÄĚ zone, where there are no bad questions, and to make sure every student and client is inspired, informed, and entertained while gaining new insights that can be put to use right away.

Other Important Facts: I love my family and my rescue dog Pepper most of all, but I also love coffee, chocolate, and pie. In my downtime, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles. One day, I hope to learn how to play chess.

You can find me and/or Meller Marketing online on all the major social media channels. Especially on LinkedIn. ūüėé