A 45-Minute, LIVE Virtual Workshop with Brenda Meller



Using LinkedIn in "Stealth Mode"

Hosted by Brenda Meller, Chief Engagement Officer at Meller Marketing

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

11 - 11:45 am ET

$47 - Register NOW for 7/18/23


Your registration includes:

  • Access to the live, virtual 45-minute workshop by Brenda Meller of Meller Marketing

  • Unlimited Playback Access for 30 days

  • A downloadable PDF list of LinkedIn tips shared in the session.


Working But Looking for a New Job?

This session is for you.


If you're working but (quietly) looking for a new job using LinkedIn and don't want your network (bosses, coworkers, clients, etc.) to know -- you need to use LinkedIn in "stealth" mode. 


No, it's not a setting.

It's an approach to using LinkedIn to strategically build visibility for yourself to support a career change without setting off any red flags that you're looking to make a move.


I'll share these strategies with you during the live, virtual session:

  1. How to Get Active on LinkedIn -- but NOT look like you're getting ready to make a move. 🏁

  2. Ways to Build Your Brand to Support Your Dream Job -- without tipping off the "gossip" factory. 🤐

  3. Red Flags You Might Be Waving -- without realizing it. 🚩

Last updated: May 18, 2023