LinkedIn Team Training


Are you struggling with any of the following?


  • Apprehension by your team to use LinkedIn for personal brand building, even though your competitors are posting every day

  • Your employees have LinkedIn accounts, but they never reshare company posts

  • Employees who are "social media averse" but work in sales / business development

  • Lack of LinkedIn activity¬†by your leadership team

  • Employees ignoring your marketing department / social media manager's requests to get more active on LinkedIn -- and you don't know why


You're in the right place! Brenda Meller is an experienced Trainer on LinkedIn for employees and teams.


Optimized LinkedIn profiles improve your company's brand visibility online and generate more leads for your business! As an experienced marketer who "gets" LinkedIn, Brenda Meller helps BtoB teams supercharge their LinkedIn efforts to get a bigger slice of the LinkedIn pie.


LinkedIn Team Training Benefits

  • Increase usage and utilization of LinkedIn as a personal branding and networking tool by your employees
  • Improve your company's brand visibility and cohesiveness through your employees
  • Tap into the power of LinkedIn as a contemporary marketing platform for brand building and talent recruitment

What clients are saying...

“Brenda Meller is an essential connection on LinkedIn for anyone who wants to get the most out of using this platform. Brenda recently provided a training for my team, and her ability to effectively convey essential information about LinkedIn was outstanding.

The training session was informative, engaging, and tailored to our specific needs. Brenda ensured that everyone left the training session with a clear understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn for professional growth and networking.‚ÄĚ

Alan Shoebridge 
Associate Vice President in the healthcare industry

"I cannot thank Brenda enough for the support and training on LinkedIn!

Her guidance, tips and advice have helped me feel more impactful on this platform and I have already noticed my ability to land better connections and have conversations with decision makers has improved (without even having premium!)

I highly recommend working with Brenda if you are looking to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and begin utilizing this platform to its full potential!" 

Justin Williams
Talent Agent at Dulcedo

"Brenda is an excellent facilitator of LinkedIn training.

She does her homework to connect her content to the audience.

Her step-by-step approach helped a room of our busy executives make instant profile improvements in real-time and got them excited about more ongoing engagement with the platform.‚ÄĚ

Karen Myers
Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Member Experience of a credit union

Considering Training Your Team on LinkedIn?

Many clients share a similar concern: "You're not going to show my employees how to use LinkedIn to find another job, are you?" Watch this video to learn how I address this concern in training. 



[BLOG] 3 Signs That Your Team Isn't Fully Using LinkedIn


Sure, your team is ON LinkedIn. But are they really using it the right way? And are they using LinkedIn in the best way possible to support your company and business development?

Read this blog to learn more.

What clients are saying...

“We have engaged Brenda on multiple projects, where the audience ranged from Partner, Senior Level to those young on their journey as professionals.

They were from all sides of the globe, which meant that some were supposed to be going to bed and others were on their 2nd coffee of the day.

These hurdles were no problem for Brenda.¬†Her delivery &content kept them engaged and proactive in harnessing the power of LinkedIn.‚ÄĚ

Sophia Rook-Blackstone 
Membership Growth Manager at Alliott Global Alliance

In keeping with the motto that marketing and recruitment is everyone's job, we reached out to Brenda Meller to help our leadership team more effectively use LinkedIn to promote the Agency and reach potential employees.

Brenda delivers as promised. She provides a comprehensive tutorial to unlock the power of LinkedIn. Our marketing message for has been amplified greatly and leadership staff are more effectively using the LinkedIn platform.

Kari Walker
President and CEO of The Guidance Center

"We hired Brenda to educate our organization on how to optimize LinkedIn for brand awareness and demand generation.

Approximately 100 team members attended the live webinar and another 50 listened after the recorded session.

The session¬†was extremely valuable in terms of ROI and conducting the training via webinar was an efficient way to educate our team.‚ÄĚ

Lora Wilson
Marketing Leader

Tailored to Your Company - and for ALL Attendees

There is a range of LinkedIn experience levels amongst your employees. As an experienced trainer, I know it's important that training meets the needs of beginners as well as the advanced LinkedIn user - AND keeps your entire team ENGAGED. Training includes a pre-session review of your employees' profiles, to make sure training is tailored to their needs. 

Team training can benefit the following groups:

  • Sales teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Company leaders
  • Inactive or non-LinkedIn users (who really¬†SHOULD BE¬†using LinkedIn...)

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Last updated: May 24, 2024