Friday VIP Job Seeker Office Hours with Brenda Meller

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Welcome, My Friend. This is Temporary, and You Are Not Alone. We Are Here For You!

Join an upcoming Friday VIP job seekers office hours zoom session. It's free! Feel free to spread the word to others who are in career transition.

To register to attend, click the blue "Respond" button. The Zoom link is for ALL Fridays for 2023, from February through December. If you try to join and the Zoom link doesn't work, email [email protected] 

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ANYONE in career transition (Unemployed, Underemployed, Working but looking). These sessions are designed for anyone at any job title level. We have had "experience rich" job seekers (age 50+), as well as executives, interns, college students, managers, directors, and every job title level in a wide variety of industries attend these calls. The "VIP" stands for "very important person" to remind you that you are a valuable person who has knowledge, expertise, and passion to share with your next employer. You are important. You are valuable. And you are welcome here. 


A virtual "office hour" to provide you with inspiration, community, and to help you use LinkedIn to support your job search. Do you miss being part of a team? Let this be your team now. Bring your LinkedIn questions and share your success stories and tips to help fellow VIP job seekers. Free. Registration is required because spaces are limited. There is a maximum of 100 seats in the live Zoom session each week.



This is a weekly office hour session on Zoom every Friday from 10-11am ET. These sessions will also be live streamed on YouTube as a public video, and you can watch / follow the YouTube playlist here





Because you're awesome.

This is temporary.

You WILL find another job.

And in the meantime, we are here to support you.


PLUS - You Will Learn:

  • Job seeker tips and techniques.
  • Insights from VIP all-stars who will help with Q&A. 
  • How (and why) you should always introduce yourself in Zoom calls, to help grow your network. 


Email [email protected] 

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Need More LinkedIn Help?

LinkedIn Coaching

I offer individual coaching and consulting on how to optimize your presence and time using LinkedIn. All coaching is delivered virtually by Brenda Meller and includes a recorded playback link. 

Services include:

  • Executive Profile Optimization
  • VIP Coaching
  • LinkedIn Profile Audit
  • Hourly LinkedIn Strategy Support



LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

As an experienced marketer and a heavy LinkedIn user, I specialize in rewriting and optimizing LinkedIn profiles for busy executives.

Maybe you don't know where to start or how to improve your profile so it matches your executive experience. Maybe you don't have the time or desire to do it yourself, but you also want an experienced, trusted LinkedIn coach to work with you to help you utilize the platform more effectively -- and to answer your questions (without having to search Google or YouTube). 


[BOOK] Social Media Pie: How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn


Books purchased from my website are autographed by me PLUS shipped to you in my signature pink envelope. Includes shipping for US addresses only. International shipping billed separately.



[COURSE] Bootcamp with Brenda

Bootcamp with Brenda: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn for the Experience Rich (age ~50+) to Support a Successful Job Search"

In just two months, go from feeling overwhelmed about how to fully leverage LinkedIn to feeling empowered and confident. If you’re experience rich (age ~50+) and looking for a job, you already know that you need to use LinkedIn. Click here to join our waitlist and we'll notify you when enrollment opens again in 2023.


Last updated: June 2, 2023