Enthusiastically Self-Employed

About this Podcast:

Hi I’m Brenda Meller, the host of Enthusiastically Self-Employed. I’m a former corporate marketer and I love helping others along their journey, by sharing tips and strategies I’ve learned along the way. And yes, I am enthusiastic about my business and about inspiring others on their business journeys. 

This podcast is designed for you if you’re self-employed as a coach, consultant, speaker or author. I’ll share with you business, marketing and LinkedIn tips, sprinkled in with stories along the way. I don’t make mistakes, but I do have learning experiences, and I’m delighted to share those experiences with you. 


By listening to Enthusiastically Self-Employed, you’ll gain new information, education, and insights to help you to be successful and support the love you have of your business, while also supporting your bottom line. That means growing your revenue, reducing your expenses, and optimizing your processes.

You can now find the Enthusiastically Self-Employed Podcast on your favorite podcast networks. 

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 28, 2024