5 Simple, Powerful Ideas for LinkedIn Posts

Feb 21, 2023

This post was inspired by a conversation with an executive client. He's busy. He's running his business. But he wants to improve his brand visibility and his professional presence on LinkedIn.

We've optimized his profile and it looks pretty awesome.

He obtained a new headshot photo and it's MUCH BETTER than his previous photo.

Now, he needs to post 5x on LinkedIn before our next coaching call, and he hasn't posted in over a year. In this Meller Marketing Minute, I'm going to share with him (and YOU) 5 Simple, Powerful Ideas for LinkedIn Posts.

A LinkedIn poll about cats and dogs

1. Post a poll that is NOT salesy.

The goal is to jump start engagement, not to sell. A portion of the people who see your poll where they click back to your profile. And THAT is where you sell! Here is an example (shown above).


2. Reshare a post from an organization where you hold a professional membership or where you serve on a board. Underneath that post, click the "Share" icon. You can simply "repost" or better yet - "Share with your thoughts" and tell people why they should check out this organization.


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3. Create a post featuring an inspirational leadership quote. Use a favorite quote and type it into LinkedIn as a post, giving attribution to the original author, and include a call-to-action to invite your connections to respond.


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4. Publish a KUDOS post to someone in your network. Click on "Start a post." Then click the starburst icon at the bottom ("Celebrate an occasion"). Then click "Give Kudos" and type in the name of a person. Then click NEXT and select one of LinkedIn's templates. Pick the one you like the most. Then click DONE and you can edit before publishing the post.


5. Share an industry article. You probably have a few email newsletters from various trade publications in your inbox right now. Find one and click their SHARE icon to share it on LinkedIn. Or, go to the LinkedIn homepage on desktop, and in the upper right corner, look at "LinkedIn News" to find an article relevant to you and to your target audience. Add your thoughts on the article and tell people why it is important to you.


That's it! 5 Simple, Powerful Ideas for LinkedIn Posts. This blog was 417 words. My goal is 300. I'm an overachiever.


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