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course creation email management kajabi tech stack technology website Nov 30, 2022
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A few years ago, I changed my website from to to support my path into being a course creator. I liked Wix. It served me well when I first launched my business, but my growing needs in the area of course creation prompted me to research other website hosting platforms. 

Here's my website homepage as of today (11/30/22)

I looked at Teachable and Thinkific, and tried creating a module in each to test it out. I wasn't overly impressed with either (keeping in mind: this was their FREE version). 


So I did what most entrepreneurs who are course creators do: I asked around.


I heard from Mark Struczewski about Kajabi. Actually, I think he was wearing his Kajabi Hero t-shirt when I interviewed him on LinkedIn Live in 2020. Mark told me all about it and helped convince me to give it a try. Click this link if you want to see our chat (and go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel while you are there, too! It's good stuff!) 


Why did I choose Kajabi

  • Kajabi is an all-in-one platform: website hosting, email service provider, course hosting, funnels, and more

  • It was taking a lot of time downloading and uploading contacts from my email system (I had previously used ConstantContact and MailChimp) into my CRM system (at the time, I was using 17Hats). 

  • While it costs a bit more to use Kajabi than Wix, my business had outgrown the Wix capabilities as I moved into course creation

  • During my 1-month trial, I had an onboarding call with a Kajabi rep who showed me around the site. He also showed me the Live Chat access at the level I was considering, and I liked that feature!

  • Kajabi offered a bunch of features I liked, whereas I didn't see them on Teachable or Thinkific. 

  • I really liked Mark and his approach, and his approval meant a lot to me.

  • PLUS: I looked around, and some of the major players I admired (Amy Porterfield, Brandon Burchard, etc.) were using Kajabi


Some Questions I've Been Asked About Kajabi


Q: Can I get access to email analytics such as open rate, click-thru rate with Kajabi?

A: YES. Here's a sample of data for an email I recently sent from Kajabi:

You can click on any of these to see their names and email addresses. 


Q: Can you send email using (blue) hyperlinks?

A: I'm assuming this person was asking if I can send email and embed links in the body of the email. YES! Here's an example. In this case, I changed the blue links to magenta pink links, which is my brand color. 

(here's the link it pointed to, for those wondering)


Q: Can subscribers automatically unsubscribe and change their contact info?

A: I was able to find an answer about this in Kajabi's help center. YES, they can automatically unsubscribe using the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email you send. This is a part of CAN-SPAM compliance and email rules for opted-in emails. 


To change their contact info, they can either email you and you can change it for them, or you can create a custom form where they can submit to change their info. Read more here


I also created an email footer providing a way for people to opt-out of a specific topic (for example here, Job Seeker emails) as well as the general unsubscribe from all your emails. 

On a related note, I also delete out subscribers from my list who haven't opened an email from me in a year, as well as those who hard bounce (meaning the email no longer exists; typiclaly when people change jobs). They can always re-subscribe in the future. This helps to keep my open rate strong. 😎


Q: Does Kajabi autopost to social media channels? 

A: NO, this is not something that Kajabi currently offers. But honestly, I don't recommend this. The scheduling services out there (I like Planable. I'm currently using the PRO version and pay annually to get a discount) do a better job of scheduling in my experience. Website providers and email providers may offer this, but it's not as robust as services like Planable. 


Q: Do the channel platforms show the posts to a healthy percentage of your followers?

A: This is a follow-up to the above question. Since Kajabi doesn't autopost, this question isn't really relevant, but I would caution anyone using autoposting or scheduling services who are wondering about reach of your posts. The reality is this: if you are not following up with community management (responding to comments in a timely manner, inviting people who engage to follow or connect with you, showing good etiquette, etc.), your autoposting isn't going to be effective. 

Social media requires you to be SOCIAL. You also need to understand the etiquette of each network. So for example, if an autoposting service keeps reposting the same item every few days on your LinkedIn, your connections are going to get confused. They might think you made an error by sharing the same item again. Or they might think you're spamming them with the same thing, over and over again. 


Here's my affiliate link if you'd like to give Kajabi a try: 


This will give you access to Kajabi free for 30-days. I think through the site you can get 14-days access free. There are other people who have affiliate links, too. But let's be honest: you found my blog. If I gave YOU value, you can return the favor by using my link instead of theirs. 😎

I'll add additional Kajabi questions I receive to this blog. Hope this helps you and thanks for reading! 


Last Updated: November 30, 2022