Easy LinkedIn Live Guest Reminders to Help You Produce an Enjoyable Event

linkedin live livestreaming streamyard video reminders Nov 08, 2023
Easy LinkedIn Live Guest Reminders

Want to create a better LinkedIn Live interview? Read this blog, which includes the same instructions I read to my guests in the 10 minutes before I go live every time. I guarantee these reminders will help you and your guest, and they will also result in you producing an enjoyable event for your viewers -- both live and in playback. 


Are You the Host? Read this to your guest: 


A reminder that this event is hosted on StreamYard.

  • If I lose internet access during our interview, just keep going and I'll jump back on as soon as I can.
  • If you lose internet access during our interview, jump back in.
  • Worse case scenario: if your home WiFi goes out, you can join by phone.
  • Remember that the meeting invite contains the StreamYard link to join. 


Look at the camera as much as possible during the live interview.

  • (I tap my camera with my finger while saying "This is my camera.")
  • Your natural inclination is to look at me instead of your camera, but try to look at the camera instead as much as possible.
  • It will look so much better for our live and playback viewers if you do so.
  • That said, it's OK to look on screen when we are reviewing comments / questions. 


Let's talk about our video now.

  • We should both be at the same distance to the camera, about arms length, and about the same eye level on screen.
  • (I make adjustments to my position if my guest is not able to do so).
  • (If you'll be zooming in or changing camera angles during your interview) During our interview, I may change camera angles.
  • Here are the angles we may use. (show them the on-screen camera types you'll use, so they can adjust their position on camera, if needed)


Intro Video and Introduction

  • At the beginning, I'll play an intro video for about 30 seconds. After it's done playing, we'll be live on LinkedIn. Just follow my lead.
  • I'll ask our audience to say hi to jump start engagement. Then, I'll briefly mention how we know each other, and then I'll ask you to briefly tell us who you are, what you do, and who you help. Keep your intro brief, 1-2 minutes.
  • There will be time for you to promote your services at the end, and please no sales pitches during the segment. It turns off our viewers. 


 Private Chat

  • During the livestream, you can use our private chat in StreamYard to share links or communicate with me. 



  • The interview will be about 20 minutes, then we'll shift into audience Q&A for 5-10 minutes (and if there are no questions, I'll create a few of my own).
  • The goal is that you'll be talking more than me, but do allow for some time for me to ask clarifying questions, to keep the interview flowing. I want our audience to feel like they are catching us in a conversation, versus you speaking for a solid 20 minutes. 
  • Plus, if you allow for me to comment every few minutes, you can catch your breath, get a sip of water, etc. while our audience is able to process the information you've just shared. 


Audience Q&A

  • At about 9:30am ET, we'll shift gears and I'll put a reminder on screen for the audience to submit questions or or add comments. 
  • We will do Q&A and audience comments for about 5-10 minutes. I will pull their question on screen and read it to you, then you'll answer. 
  • If there are no questions that come in from the audience, I'll ask you a few questions of my own. 



  • After about 5-10 minutes, we'll move into concluding remarks.
  • I'll ask you to summarize your services / offerings and ask how people can get a hold of you. This is your time to pitch anything you want!
  • Keep in mind anything that is time-based (a webinar next week, for example) will be removed from the podcast.
  • Then, I'll pull your LinkedIn profile and URL onscreen and ask if you're open to new connections. After this, I'll ask if you have any final remarks on our topic, and then I'll thank you and offer final reminders for our viewers.  
  • We will aim to wrap at 9:45am ET. 


Outro Video

  • At the end of our interview, after we both say goodbye to each other and our viewers, I'll play an outro video for 30 seconds.
  • After it's done playing, the livestream will end, but stay on StreamYard and we'll chat / debrief for a few minutes.  


Their Questions

  • Do you have any questions? 


Here is a link to a recent LinkedIn Live Interview: