Want More Followers on Your LinkedIn Company Page?

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Want More Followers on Your LinkedIn Company Page? Brenda Meller

How do I get people to view my LinkedIn company page?

When I'm asked questions from connections and clients, sometimes I will blog my response. This helps to share my advice with them AND with others in my network. If you're struggling with blog topics, give this technique a try.

QUESTION: How do I get people to view my LinkedIn company page?

ANSWER: There are three keys to success to help grow your company page views:

  1. People need to know about the page.

  2. You need to post interesting content to the page.

  3. Your content needs to prompt your page visitors and followers to engage with your page content (like, comment, share, follow).


Let's break each down.



If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around, does it make a sound? The same concept applies for your company page. If it exists and nobody knows about it, will they follow it? Probably not.

Here are several tips to help promote your company page:

  • Post on LinkedIn and announce that you have launched a company page for your business on LinkedIn. Tag your company page in the post. Ask people to give your page a follow. (example here) 

  • Add your LinkedIn company page link to your website. Make sure you have the link set to "open in a new page" so they don't navigate completely off your website. 

  • Post on other social networks to invite people to follow your company page on LinkedIn.

  • Message connections who are in your inner circle and send them a personal request to follow your company page. Include the link to make it easy for them. If it feels weird to message them, they are not in your inner circle. Consider your cheerleaders, top promoters, close friends, and family.

  • Make sure you have added/linked your company page to your EXPERIENCE section of your profile and that the logo is clickable to your company page:  
  • Ask your employees to make sure they have linked your company to their profile. It is properly linked if your company logo appears next to their position. NOTE: employees automatically "FOLLOW" a company page.



Once you have created your page, you need to start adding content to it. Do this in the form of posts on the page. Example:  

  • Post regularly and frequently. I recommend you post 2-3 times on your company page per week. Include a blend of selling and telling.

    Selling = you promoting your products and services.

    Telling = sharing photos of you, your employees, experiences working with clients or network connections. Telling = any post that DOES NOT SELL.

    Make sure you have a blend of both. I would err on the side of 2 posts of "TELLING" content to 1 post of "SELLING" content. The goal here is to be interesting.

    Selling is not interesting. Sorry...

  • Give them free samples. People LOVE getting stuff for free. It's like when I go to the fruit market on the weekend. I get a sample of free homemade guacamole. I get an olive from the olive bar. I try some cheese from the deli. And guess what? I often end up buying one or two (or three) of the items that I've sampled.

    Periodically share advice. Give them a quick tip or two. PRO TIP: do what I do - post answers to questions your clients ask you on your LinkedIn company page! 

  • Share content from other people and other sources. 

    When you're reading an article from a magazine website, from another place on social media, or in doing research for a client or project, imagine me tapping you on the shoulder saying "HEY LYNN: YOU SHOULD SHARE THAT ON YOUR COMPANY PAGE." When you post the link, add a comment of 5 or more words telling people what it is about or something you learned from reading the article. This helps to demonstrate your expertise.

    You: what do I post?

    Me: Post interesting articles related to your business, like that Forbes article you liked on LinkedIn today. I've also used sites like Feedly.com to find articles related to my business and industry.  Or that podcast interview you were on last year. 

  • Look at what your TOP aspirational competitors are posting. You will get inspiration on what works well in a company page post. Pay attention to posts that generate a lot of engagement (likes and comments) vs. those that generate only one like or zero likes. 



  • Include a call to action in some (but not all) of your posts. Encourage people to "comment below to add your thoughts" or ask open ended questions like "What do you think?" 

  • When considering a post, ask yourself: would I like this? Would I comment on this? Would I share this? If not, you need to change your approach to more shareable content.

  • Periodically (once a week), share a post from your company page to your personal LinkedIn network. You will need to change from "admin" to "view as member" to see the REPOST icon. Yes, it's perfectly OK to do this. I do this about once a week. You can either do a REPOST or Share with Thoughts. I recommend "Share with Thoughts" because then you can add a comment of 5 or more words including a suggestion that "if you found this interesting, please follow my company page here on LinkedIn." 

  • Encourage your employees to SHARE posts from your company page and make sure you are thanking them on that post when they share.

  • Encourage your employees to LIKE and COMMENT (with 5 or more words) on your company page posts. When they do so, acknowledge them. Thank them for comments by replying back with a comment from the company page. Yes, it's OK to do this. It provides positive reinforcement for your employees 

  • Make it social. When someone comments on a company page post, respond back. Even if they say "great article" or something similar, reply back with 5 or more words. Example, "Thank you for your comment, Chris. Have a great weekend!"

  • Invite connections to FOLLOW your page using the LinkedIn page "invite connections" link. Here's a video showing how: 



Hopefully this gives you a running start! Share this blog, tagging Brenda Meller and/or Meller Marketing. Include YOUR LinkedIn company Page URL and I'll give your page a follow.


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