Hey Brenda, What Tech Do You Use?

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Brenda Meller Technology

About once a week, I'm asking about the tech I use for live streaming, videos, webinars, etc. Here's the list.

I'm going to be adding to this as I go. Feel free to bookmark this page to make it easier to visit it again later.

And in case you're wondering, no I'm not being paid to endorse any of these products. I am an independent marketing consultant. I'm also thrifty, and I believe in quality products but investing in them as my budget grows. I have signed up for a few affiliate programs where I offer you a discount (or free trial) using my link, and there's a bonus for you and me if you sign up. Check those special offers out here


I have an HD 1080p external webcam from Logitech. I purchased it from my son and it was like new. I have it mounted on a tripod so it's eye level for me. 


I think it was originally under $100, but the price has increased, perhaps due to increased demand due to COVID-19. It's now listed as $124.98 on Amazon.




I originally had my webcam sitting atop my laptop. Then I moved it to a tripod that was on the floor, but I could never get the right angle (your camera should be at eye level or slightly higher). 

So I purchased this Webcam Stand,Camera Mount, which sits behind my laptop and allows me to move the camera closer to me or further away, so I can match the closeness of my guests on their cameras. This was originally about $29 on Amazon and price is about the same. 


It reminds me of a character from a movie. Wall-E maybe? 




Lighting kit from Amazon: $59.99 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07... but if you follow the link, they show a lower price for a new model from the same manufacturer. $39.99


Here's a video of me testing the new lighting kit. My son was helping me.



My last right light broke so I invested in a new one. This one has a clamp to hold the webcam or phone plus a ring light with multiple settings (white, amber, etc.). The extension is a bit short, but it works for up close videos on my phone. I paid $19.99 in October 2020.



Here's a video of my son and me when I was testing out this new set:



If you have a single plug and you're using a headset and lapel microphone (or headset that has two cords to plugin), you're going to need a splitter. Follow the instructions about using the black vs. red. I found myself feeling like I was in "The Matrix" deciding which one to use...


I bought this one for $17.98, thanks to the recommendation of Carrie Lezotte.


LAPEL MICROPHONE (aka "lapel mic")

I purchased this model off of Amazon. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive, either. It comes in a little pouch, which is good for storage. Note: I learned the pouch only works to keep it safe if you actually keep it INSIDE the pouch. My lapel mic broke and I just purchased a new one of this same model. 


I paid $59.99 in 2019. It appears the price is a bit higher (supply & demand?) now. Today it's listed at $79.99 for this microphone.



I used my iPhone earbuds for a while. One day, my daughter was using them as I was getting ready to get on a call so I borrowed my husband's earphones. Then I purchased my own set. I like these because they don't fall out of my ear and they are black, so they don't POP on camera like the iPhone earbuds and cord. I paid $13.90 in 2020.



TRIPOD for Webcam

I can't find the exact model for my tripod, but it's pretty close to this one. My tripod doesn't have the bluetooth remote, which is pretty cool. But it does have three legs. Also, it has both the screw-in attachment for webcams and the adjustable grip for iPhones. My advice here is to get a tripod that extends to a maximum height that is slightly taller than you. I'm 5'4" and my husband is 6'2 (I think) so my tripod doesn't work for family photos where we are all standing. I need a better tripod that is a bit taller.



Microphone Kit #1

When I decided to get more serious about converting my LinkedIn live interviews into a podcast, as well as considering to convert my book to an audiobook, I purchased this microphone kit: 


I had my teenage son help me pick it out. It was originally $63.99 and the price has recently dropped to $49.99. I needed this type of model because I was seeking:

  • A USB plug into my laptop
  • I needed an adjustable arm stand instead of a clamp, because of my desk type (it's a standing desk with a drawer; there's not an easy way to "clip" this onto my desk...


Microphone Kit #2 for Audiobook Recording


I purchased this in 2021 in preparation of audiobook recording, due to the suggestion by Jon Gay. I'm glad I did! Great audio quality and it sits on my desktop vs. clamping to the desk. 



Video Recording / Video Editing

 I use Camtasia by TechSmith for my video recording and editing. There are some free tools out there, but you get what you pay for. Plus, this software sits on my laptop and gives me a lot of bells and whistles that you can't get with free software. I originally purchased it in 2018 for $210.84, and added on the 2021 upgrade for an additional $148.39. It's worth every penny IMHO. 

 Live Streaming

I've been using Streamyard (use this link to get $10 off)) for live streaming on LinkedIn LIVE, Facebook LIVE, and YouTube LIVE. They do offer a free version. You'll need to upgrade to remove their logo and add in your brand colors, logo, etc. 

My "Social Media Pie" - LinkedIn LIVE interviews on YouTube



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