How Do I Watch a LinkedIn Live Broadcast? Read This to Find Out How!

how to linkedin company page linkedin for business development linkedin live linkedin strategy linkedin tips live broadcast live streaming live video Jun 04, 2022

About once or twice a week, I get asked the question, "How Do I Watch a LinkedIn Live Broadcast." I learned long ago that the best way to answer common questions is via a blog.




  1. Make sure you are following the person or company page on LinkedIn. For example, if you wanted to watch me on LinkedIn Live during my next broadcast, make sure you are following Brenda Meller ☕️ on LinkedIn (if we're connected, you are following me). In fact, you should probably be following me anyway...

  2. Be ON LinkedIn a few minutes before the interview begins. When the person or company's livestream begins, you should see a notification from LinkedIn. If not, go to their profile or company page. For my live streams, go to Brenda Meller ☕️ & scroll to activity to find the video.

  3. As soon as you join the live stream, like the video and add a comment to introduce yourself. Something like: "hello and good morning from metro Detroit" (this helps to create more visibility for YOU in the broadcast... plus creates a nice warm happy feeling for the broadcaster!

  4. Can't make it live? Bummer! But, you can watch the live stream later. Just go to the person's activity feed (or their page) and you should see a post with the playback. HINT: if you view it from my activity feed, it's easier to see all the comments at once while watching the playback


One of my favorite Linkedin LIVE interviews 





and in this YouTube Playlist: