How to Access Your Company LinkedIn Page - When NOBODY Can Get In

linkedin company page Feb 10, 2023

Q: We have a company page -- but no one knows who set it up and whose email, password, etc. may be connected.

Any ideas for me on how I can gain access to our page?


  • Ask everyone who could possibly be an admin to visit the company page. This includes all current employees and any agencies or individuals which have helped you with social media in the past. Ask if their page shows "Manage Admins" under admin tools at the top right side of the page. If so, you've found an admin. CONGRATS!


  • Look at the first and last post, and reach out to anyone who liked or commented on the post. Typically, company pages are set up for a specific purpose which is typically related to the first post.

    It is common practice for individual LinkedIn members who are admins of their company page to "LIKE" a post, as this helps jump start engagement. Especially on new pages that don't have much of a following yet.

    The people who engaged with the first or last (most recent) post may be an admin or know who it was that created the page. Here is an example of one of my company page posts as an example:


  • Check with the "usual suspects." The typical people to set up the page are: marketing, HR, IT, development, alumni, or possibly an agency (PR/media relations, branding, advertising).

    And don't take "we don't know" for an answer. Ask them to do a quick look-up of your company page while you are on the phone.


  • Once you figure out who has access, ask them to add you and others at your company in as an admin. I always recommend a MINIMUM of two admins to have access to your company page for this very reason.

    And make sure they are full time employees. If someone leaves, immediately remove their admin access and add someone else in.


If none of these options work, Try this

Hopefully this helps you to solve your puzzle and gives you some insights to help you and your business! If you found this helpful, please sharing this article with someone who may need help with their company page.

If you need help accessing and managing a company page on LinkedIn, let me know. Meller Marketing offers guidance on LinkedIn company pages as part of our service offerings. 


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