Leverage Your Best Fans to Find More Customers

Dec 28, 2020

Want to grow your business? Ask your clients for their help.

 Think about what I like to call the "trade show table" effect.
Imagine you're at a trade show and you see a table. Nobody (except the salesperson) is at the table. They seem eager to make eye contact, and you try to nonchalantly avoid them and walk on by.
You look to the left and there is a small crowd (ok, maybe 4 or 5 people) who are in line waiting at the next table over. You're immediately curious.
What are they offering? I gotta see!
 It's been proven time and time again that people like social proof. They like to see that other people are interested in your product or service. If it's worth waiting in line for by other people, it has to be valuable.

Same goes with your business. If you have a number of testimonials from satisfied clients, your future clients may be more apt to sign on with you.

 These testimonials can be even more valuable because now they are linked to our personal (or professional) social media accounts.
HOW? First, ask for their permission to showcase their logo on your website. Then, ask for a testimonial in the form of a LinkedIn recommendation and Facebook business page review.
Feel free to borrow my email technique for this request and modify the language fit your voice.
Subject: A favor to help me grow Meller Marketing

As I'm growing Meller Marketing, it's beneficial to demonstrate my experience by telling people which clients I've helped and by including testimonials on my website and in my proposals. 

  1. Could I showcase your (client name) logo on my website? https://www.mellermarketing.com/. I'd be happy to link your logo to your webpage (insert their webpage address here).

  2. and 3: Would you be willing to offer me a recommendation on LinkedIn and leave a Facebook rating on my business page? OK to use the same text for both. If you could speak to my marketing expertise and the helpfulness of the social media and marketing insights I offered, that would be great. I'll send the LinkedIn recommendation request to you, and you can click on my Facebook business reviews page here:  https://www.facebook.com/MellerMarketing/reviews/

Thanks for consideration of this request. 


Brenda Meller

[email protected]

 ps - feel free to use the above to send to your TOP customers only. I wouldn't send this unless you're pretty confident they will be OK with your request. Because after all, you want RAVING fans to give you ENTHUSIASTIC reviews.

Need help with LinkedIn strategy for your business? I offer marketing coaching and consulting to businesses of all sizes. I love helping my clients reach their business goals through marketing on LinkedIn.

Visit https://www.mellermarketing.com/linkedin or email me at [email protected] to learn more.
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