ROCK Your LinkedIn Company Page in 2022 When You Enroll in This Masterclass

linkedin company page linkedin for business development linkedin strategy Dec 05, 2021

HAVE YOU HEARD about my LinkedIn Company Page Masterclass? It's A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

If you haven't heard about it yet, that's by design. I've been s-l-o-w-l-y rolling it out, week-by-week, to a select group of VIPs in my network. 

You see, I LOVE helping people with LinkedIn.

Over the past few years, I've been offering a variety of webinars and producing a series of videos helping people to unlock the power of LinkedIn.

As we were ending 2020 and embarking upon 2021, I started to notice a shift on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn was adding more features onto company pages. 

And bit by bit, day by day, I started realizing that my company page could be used to help me further expand my professional brand while creating leads for my business



As we entered the final quarter of 2021, I decided to put all my learnings into place in one 12-week masterclass to help YOU on your quest to use LinkedIn more effectively and fully for lead generation.


Then, I launched my masterclass in "beta test" version, which allowed me to request feedback from business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, side-hustlers, and others who enrolled in my masterclass. 


Sure, I could have waited until I had all 12 weeks of content ready to go, but then YOU would have 12 weeks of content to get through.


GULP. That seemed overwhelming.


For me and for you. 


I had an outline. I knew what each week could cover. And I knew that I could launch with just a week or two developed, offer discounted pricing (for the lucky FEW who I invited to participate), and evolve the content for future weeks based on feedback from real people. 

And for those who enrolled, they would get access to one week at a time, to make it more management and self-paced. 

So that brings us to today. There are only a few weeks left in the beta test of my 12-week Masterclass, "How to ROCK Your LinkedIn Company Page." And now I'm starting to tell more people about how to enroll. 


Through the end of 2021, I'm offering special, discounted rates during the beta test.  The lowest price you'll see is today, as the price will increase each week through end of 2021 before a public launch in 2022. 


There is a TON of value in every week. Just listen to what a few members have already shared with me in these testimonials:


Kris Liebau of Action & Ease Coaching


Christopher G. Johnson of Calm Clear Communications

Pam Lippitt of Hill Street Group



During the beta test, I'm offering you reduced pricing in exchange for your feedback

I want YOU to help me make this the BEST COMPANY PAGE COURSE EVER!

By the end of this masterclass, you'll learn tips & strategies including: 

  • How to Optimize Your Company Page to Generate More Leads
  • Ways to Build Creative Posts That ENGAGE
  • The Basics of Community Engagement
  • How to Use Hashtags #, Mentions @, Videos & More on Company Pages
  • Methods to Supercharge Your Page Follower Growth
  • Analyzing Your Page Data (Analytics) 

PLUS: Do's and Don'ts that Could Result in Missed Opportunities (Leads)


Masterclass includes:

  • Access to 12 weeks of course content, one new module each week
  • Monthly Group VIP Calls via Zoom
  • Downloadable Resources & Homework
  • PLUS: additional BONUS resources to help you maximize your LinkedIn company page use for business development and lead generation.

SIGN UP NOW and lock in the lowest rate.