Tired of Automated Invitation Requests? Try These 4 Responses.

automation linkedin tips messages social selling Jun 01, 2021

We all get them. Those LinkedIn invitations that include a message. At first glance, you might think it was written just for you. But at a closer look, you can tell it was written for anyone.

Here's a sampling of invitation requests sitting in my inbox right now waiting for my acceptance, decline (ignore), or response.

  • Hi Brenda! If you are currently looking for efficient, cost-effective ways to source diverse suppliers, I would be happy to help you. Let’s connect to discover how our team at (their-company) can support you. Have a nice day, (their-name)

  • Hi Brenda, I noticed we have several shared connections. I’m wondering how your business is developing and I thought it would be mutually beneficial to connect.

  • Hi, Brenda. Greetings. It would be really nice to get associated with you. Your profile speaks volumes. Thanks (their-name)

  • Hi Brenda, Meller Marketing caught my attention. I came across your profile and I'm keen to connect. We at (their-company) are pioneering influencer-led market research and I'm looking to engage with thought leaders in the space. 

  • Hi Brenda, I strive to surround myself with the very best role models, mentors, and those hunting down their dreams. I'm so inspired by your business, mission, and passion. I'd be honored if you'd accept my connection request.

  • Hey Brenda, I see that you're a social media expert and I would love to add you to my network of professionals. If you're open to that let's connect, Best, (their-name)

  • Hi, Brenda! I noticed that we both are in the greater Chicagoland area and I thought it wouldn't hurt to reach out. I’d love to connect with you here on LinkedIn and please let me know if I can ever help you in any way. To your massive success, (their-name)

And my favorite:

  • Hi Brenda, I saw that you are a I Help Salespeople Unlock the Power of LinkedIn | LinkedIn Strategy | Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) at Meller Marketing! I’m always looking to connect with other successful people.

SPOILER ALERT: I reply to most of them. This gives me training on techniques that I teach to others. Yes, I get irritated trying to screen through all the invites trying to figure out who's legit, and who's not, and which invites to accept and which to ignore.

I also struggle because I want to stay on brand. I want to illustrate that I'm an experienced marketer, a well-established LinkedIn strategy coach, and I want to be positive. 

Truly, I do. I don't want to be snarky. Well, ok, maybe I do a *little* bit!

So here are my responses and approaches.

  1. TEST. Literally, that's what I do. I reply with the word "Test." I've found this has a strong rate of getting the real people to respond. And it keeps the scammers away. It gets people talking.

  2. Mirroring. Take what they do and turn it around and try to sell back to them. For example: The invitation text, "Hi Brenda! If you are currently looking for efficient, cost-effective ways to source diverse suppliers, I would be happy to help you. Let’s connect to discover how our team at (their-company) can support you. Have a nice day, (their-name)" would prompt a response from me of "Hi (their-name)! If you are currently looking for more effective ways to source new business leads, I would be happy to help you. Let’s connect to discover how our team at Meller Marketing can support you. Visit https://www.mellermarketing.com/linkedin to learn more. Have a nice day, Brenda Meller"

  3. The Gentle and Polite "no thanks." I usually reply with, "Hi (their-name), I am not interested" and that usually ends the pitching. Sometimes they keep going and then I pitch them back (see # 2 above).

  4. The Clever OOPS-y. If the invite has errors, I may reply and call them out on it, but in a gentle way.

Here are a few screenshots to show my exchanges.

This one was CLEARLY using an automated service and I had to chuckle out loud. No, I didn't connect and yes he did respond but his response still appeared spammy.


Here's another one. This was actually an error and we both got a chuckle out of it. Shared with Kevin's permission.


Feel free to use these techniques if you wish to reply to those spammy and/or automated looking invites! And comment below to share YOUR techniques.


  • Don't just ignore spammy looking invites. Try to figure out a way to respond that aligns with your brand. You never know when an automated invite might lead you to a new client. Except bitcoin people. I will "ignore" and hit "I don't know this person" every time!

  • Assume it *could* be an unintentional error on their part. It might be! And your response might set the tone for a future client or referral.

  • Use this process to test your communication and leadership skills. Truly this can be character-building.


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