Use This For Your First Linkedin Company Page Post

company page post linkedin company page linkedin for business development post on linkedin Feb 11, 2021
linkedin company page post example
Many of my clients are struggling with what to post on their LinkedIn company page. This post provides you a quick and easy idea for your FIRST post.
If you've never posted on your LinkedIn company page, you could be reducing leads for your business. And also, page visitors will see this:


A simple welcome message to your page can fix this.
Here's what I recommend.
  1. If you're planning to post regularly on your page (my recommendation!)
    Feel free to copy/paste (but replace with YOUR company name, a quick summary of what YOU will be sharing on the page, and tag YOUR LinkedIn profile).

    WELCOME to the official LinkedIn company page for Meller Marketing. Follow this page for LinkedIn strategy tips. ~ Brenda Meller
    See my original post here: 😊 Oh, and follow my company page while you are there. 😊

  2. If you're NOT planning on being active on the page.
    Welcome to the official LinkedIn company page for (your business name). We encourage you to visit our website (your website link) or the profile for your name (tag in yourself) or  to learn more about our services." 

    But please be sure to regularly visit your page to view your followers. There could be LEAD opportunities there! 

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