Want to join a board? These 3 LinkedIn profile tips can help.

board member board service join a board linkedin for executives Sep 04, 2023

Today I received a question from a network contact.

Q: Brenda, thank you for the instructions to add a Board Member section to my LinkedIn profile. How do I add the "looking for board member" opportunity to my profile?

A: Rather than replying via email, I'm blogging my response. This helps to share my expertise, amplify the message to help others, and help the person who asked the question.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. It allows us an opportunity to find and be found. If you're like me and many others, and considering a board seat now or in the future, here are a few tips.

NOTE: LinkedIn used to provide its members the ability to indicate their interest in joining a non-profit board on their profile, but it appears this feature has been removed.

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Your goal is to be found. Check out https://nonprofit.linkedin.com/content/dam/nonprofit/site/img/resources/Li-NonProfitTipSheet-AdvSearch.pdf to understand how LinkedIn is merchandising this feature to members. Then, consider making profile changes so your profile will be found in searches according to your areas of expertise and other criteria.

  2. Remember that like attracts like: find and connect with people who serve on a board that interests you. In your invitation to connect, be sure to add a note and let them know of your board interest. Ask if they would be open to a chat to discuss their experience on the board. Keep in mind that fellow board members often nominate others when board openings arise.

  3. Be direct. Add your board interest to your profile. Even though LinkedIn doesn't have a box to check, you can add your board interest to your professional summary (ABOUT), as shown here:

One of my philosophies is that if you don't ask, the answer is always "no." This applies to your career interests, too. Make sure that network connections who are affiliated with board are aware of your interest in serving on a board someday.


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