How to Notify Recruiters on LinkedIn that you are OPEN to New Opportunities

job seeker linkedin for job search stealth mode Sep 11, 2023

Looking to subtly start putting feelers out to make a career move? Use this LinkedIn feature to let recruiters know that you are open to new opportunities.

  1. Edit your "Open to work" preferences by clicking hereThis will open up the "Edit job preferences" section of your profile that isn't visible to anyone but you, and where you can designate your preferences: 

  2. Fill out your preferences. I recommend using all fields they give you, and entering five job titles, etc. This increases your chances for coming up in recruiter searches. 

  3. IMPORTANT! In the "Visibility" section at the bottom, choose either "Recruiters only" (more private, doesn't show publicly on your profile) or "All LinkedIn Members" (you'll get the green "Open to Work" banner on your photo. Keep in mind that you might want to try both if you are actively in career transition, and "Recruiters only" if you're working but looking. Also (and perhaps more importantly), LinkedIn will do its best to prevent recruiters from your current employer from seeing this flag. However, if your organization uses outside resources for HR / recruiting, it's possible they may become aware of your search status. In transition? No worries! Make sure recruiters know you are in transition and actively seeking an opportunity:

Note: I would highly recommend NOT publicly sharing this blog if you are in "stealth" mode for your job search (working while looking for a job).


If you're openly searching for your next dream job, then by all means like and share this blog with others, and tag me if you're posting it on LinkedIn!

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