Need Help Responding to Snarky LinkedIn Comments? Read This

community management criticism responding snarky comments trolls unprofessional May 24, 2022

Have you received a snarky comment from someone on your LinkedIn post?


This might include:

  • A criticism of your intelligence, your post, your business, or your industry
  • An unprofessional comment or insult
  • Any other comment that isn't polite or professional


Sure, you could ignore it. 


Instead, here's what I recommend. Reply with a comment.


Perhaps this:


"Thank you (name) for taking the time to add a comment to my post. I reply to all comments received, as I want to demonstrate to my LinkedIn community that I do actually read all comments.

Obviously, we share different points of view on this subject.

While you could have easily scrolled by, you stopped to comment on my post.   

And by doing so, you have helped me by broadcasting my post out to YOUR network. So, THANK YOU and have a LOVELY week. 😊


Optionally, you could also add a link to your website to sell to anyone in their network reading the comment / response. Or maybe promote your next webinar, event, book, masterclass, etc. etc. 



  1. You aren't really responding for that person. They should know better and they don't. They might be a troll. They might be disgruntled. They might be having a bad day.  But at any rate, they should know better. You're responding to demonstrate to everyone else reading the comment. You're illustrating your professionalism, your brand, your ability to rise above. 

  2. You're neutralizing the negativity. Energy moves in one direction. Your heart may be racing, and that's what they wanted. You can't choose what people say, but you CAN choose your reaction and your response. 

  3. It lets them know they are heard. Sometimes people just want attention: positive or negative. Don't engage in a confrontational response. Don't even respond to what they said. Instead, respond to the situation. 


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