Thanks for the Tag. Your Post has NOTHING to Do With Me.

linkedin for business development linkedin tips tagging Feb 18, 2021

Do you get tagged on posts that have NOTHING to do with you? And it's from someone you don't know at all? Yeah, it happens to me too. In the beginning, I was a bit thrilled. I had made it! People were tagging me to generate more reach for their posts!

Now keep in mind, they weren't tagging JUST me. These taggers usually tag 5, 10, or 20+ people in their post or in the comments.

When I got the LinkedIn notification, I would do what most people might do: thank them for the tag.

But then, over time, I started to realize they were benefiting from MY network seeing the post when I responded, and it wasn't helping me or my business at all. I didn't know them at all. And they weren't ever going on my posts to comment back or engage.

It was clearly a one-way relationship. Take. Take. Take.

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So I would sometimes remove the tag. (here's how)

But that took time. Time away from efforts that were productive.

So then I would ignore them.

But then it would irk me a bit that my name / network was being used to promote THEIR business or message, and it had nothing to do with me.

So I thought about it for a while. And now, here's what I occasionally do instead: reply to their tag with this:

Thanks for including a mention of me on your post, (firstname). I encourage your network to visit my profile on LinkedIn & click the FOLLOW button to receive my updates and tips. You can also learn LinkedIn strategy tips by following my business page: or by joining my VIP email list at PLUS: I'm super thrilled to announce my book! Learn more and buy it NOW here:

Feel free to use this technique if you wish! Hope this helps.


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